Senior Spotlight: Alice Lazare

Hometown : Houston, TX!

Postgrad plans: Serving as a fellow with Life Together in Boston!! (An Episcopal Service Corps program... I couldn't get enough ESC in my life). Then grad school for clinical social work? Then a job? 

Favorite food: Pizza. Cake. Pasta. Almond milk. I really like food

Personal motto: "What do you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver 

ESC memory: The first time I spent time at the ESC ~socially~ we played apples to apples and I made a really stupid joke and people laughed at it and I felt all loved and happy. But I tried not to show it, because I had to be cool. But I was excited, and felt like I had friends at church!

Pro-tip for new members: Go hang out with Beth and Hannah, the best candy is by their office. And they are great.