Constant and Connected Community : a reflection by a student

Our own stories are a part of God’s story just as much as a story from the bible. 

 I’d like to share a piece of a poem by Leland B. Jacobs.

 “Storytelling, The Captor” 

See the child, there –

Wrapped in attention

So alone in the midst of others,


Held spellbound,

Oblivious to immediate time and place,

Caught by words,

The words of a storyteller.

 A story is powerful. It has the ability to move and transform lives. We are engrossed by stories told by artists, comedians, authors and preachers; but so often we forget to recognize the greatest story of all, God’s story. And we forget that God is a storyteller.

God’s story is one huge encompassing story filled by many smaller stories. The beauty behind God’s story is that it is still ongoing inside each one of us. We are each granted the gift to be a character for God. We are asked to walk alongside Mary, Sara, Abraham and Peter. Doing just as they had done before us, living as Christians and representatives of Christ.

It is important for us to recognize and value our own stories with Christ because often times owning our own story and loving ourselves is pretty tough. Our stories are ugly, full of misdoings and failures. But our ability to share is sometimes the key to connection with others and the way for others to find God themselves.

On Wednesday nights the congregation gathers in the ESC to study the letters of Paul. A beautiful statement by Paul is “we are ambassadors for Christ... working together with God.”

The ESC is made up of a powerful group of students who each bring their own story.  Although incredibly diverse our stories and the ESC has become a community, a sanction and a refuge for all students who are connected through God’s story. 

  For me, the student center is a constant and connected community.