Senior Spotlight : Tezira Abe

Hometown: Angleton, Texas

Post-Grad Plans: law school beginning the fall of 2017

Favorite Food: breakfast tacos! I could eat them every day.

Personal Motto/Anthem: I've never really thought about this but a while back, Lindsey Limbaugh told me not to ever do anything I didn't want to and it's a pretty great rule to live by.

A memory from the ESC: I have't been around long so I don't have a ton of memories to draw from but I'd say I just love the feeling of showing up for a late night study session and having a bunch of really supportive people around!

Pro-Tip to new members of the community: build relationships with everyone at the ESC, especially Beth and Hannah, they're some of the most kind and thoughtful people I've met at Texas.