We drank A LOT of coffee for this post.

Here is a beautiful post from two of our ESC alumni Emily Frazell and Emma Kypuros. If you're in Austin this summer, grab a friend and check these places out!!! 

Over the last two years, Emma and I have become wonderful friends. It all started at the Episcopal Student Center when we bonded at a leadership retreat, and then were assigned as prayer partners in the fall of 2015. Emma and I love a lot of the same things: including, but not limited to, Gilmore Girls, eggs, COFFEE, good food, and laughter. So, to satisfy one of these loves, we decided to try to go to a different coffee shop each week for prayer partner time. After three semesters as prayer partners, we managed to go to 37 different coffee shops in Austin. We figured caffeine is one of the primary fuels for college students so we wanted to share our list! We took notes on some shops, we ranked some shops, but overall we didn't stick to a particular system ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  so.. here is our (hopefully) somewhat helpful list! 


College Retreat 2016 (Where it all began) : )

College Retreat 2016 (Where it all began) : )

Coffee Shops:

• Fleet

• Flightpath

• Epoch

• Texas Frenchbread (v close to ESC) 

• Cafe creme - we were surprised by this one! Super cute and comfy. 

• Quacks - cutest cookies EVER!

• La tazza - iced dirty soy chai. Get it. 

• Luke's (this is technically in Stars Hollow not ATX - but we loved it) 

• Medici

• Snooze

• Picnik

• Spider house - this was our go-to before we decided to branch out. It's right by the ESC and is v chill. 

• Jos

• Dolce vita 

• Thunderbird⭐️ - Emily's favorite! Really good cappuccino, honey nut latte is perfection. Quiet and great for study

• Mozarts

• Seventh flag

• Cenote - weird Tacos, weird baristas, cold brew A+ Cappuccino C- venue vibes A++

• Dominican joe - yuh. Study. Affordable. Classic. Staple for Emma. 

• Irie bean - hammocks! 

• Bouldin creek cafe - luvvvv

• Cuvée - no wifi good vibe

• Wright bros brew and brew  - good venue, avg price coffee, nice baristas, cheap af donut holes, tasty coffee, lots of space, happy vibes, DOGS. Good study/hangout space 10/10 

• Figure 8 - great lighting, avg. price  tasty! 

• Radio 

• SA ten - dope vibe. Airy, loads of parking, loads of inside space, avg. price. Basically what I want my house to look like. 

• Flitch - cute local close to succulents v green avg price good coffees good specialties outside 

• Vintage heart - underwhelming atmosphere? Has butter coffee

• Flat track -  ** great lighting, nice atmosphere, PLETHORA OF DOGGOS 😍... kinda pricey (4.25 for capp, $3.25 for coldbrew)

• Mañana  - v v cute, fun location, friendly baristas, expensive, small, quiet, lots of plugs  ⭐️

• Summermoon 

• Halceyon - surprisingly good parking options during weekday morning. Really nice baristas, large variety of comfy and good seating, lots of tables with pretty flowers for studies. Lots of wifi, nice downtown local, nice playlist, friendly atmosphere, BOARDGAMES!!! Decent to delicious coffee , great playlist vibes

• Fast folks - DOESNT OPEN TILL 10 - bikes, coffee, vintage, cool vibes, very nice baristas very very nice, cool stools cool cups avg price 

• Apanas - great music, morning study only probably, lots of space/seating options, bad parking **$3 capucchino on Monday 7-9 awesome happy hour tbh, best music 

• My name is joe - lil expensive first place downtown besides Medici - garage aesthetic is quirky but it super user friendly, baristas were friendly -minimalist, kinda loud. Cute cups 

• Houndstooth - S.L.O.W. $$$ tasty but not right cappuccino, good cold brew, very pretty, probs not for studying, non ideal parking

• Stouthaus pub - nice vibes, quiet and kind aesthetic easy parking, but ehh coffee both cold brew and cappuccino, lots of flies 6/10


Some places we like, but didn't go together:

• Corona coffee

• Bennu

• Cherrywood - Emily's staple study spot

• Patcha 

• Buzzmill 

• Kerbey Lane (duh)

• Monkey Nest

• Forthright 

• Cafe Rukus

• Friends neighbors (brunch) 

• Counter culture (brunch) 

• 1722 (brunch) 




• Nicest baristas: Fast Folks (Runner up: Wright bros brew and brew)

• Best music: Apanas (Runner up: Halcyon) 

• Best study zone: SaTen or Thunderbird

• Best food options: Cherrywood 

• Best outdoor space: Flitch or Cenote

• Fan favorite: Wright Bros! We went here a couple times because we liked it so much 


Photos from our Coffee Daze:

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