Letter from a Student

       As I enter my fourth and final year at The University of Texas at Austin, I think that I’m finally beginning to understand the impact that the Episcopal Student Center has made on me during these past three years. I grew as a Christian here, I met my best friends here, I found a family on our giant campus here—but most of all, it was with the help of my Episcopal Student Center Community that I think I finally came to understand what type of Christian I want to be, and that I want to devote my life to becoming.
       How could one place have such a profound impact on not just an individual, but on the course of that individual’s future? Easy. It’s the people inside the place that do the work, that create the change. Every single small group I’ve been a part of here at the Episcopal Student Center has consisted of kind students who somehow manage to couple diverse perspectives with generous open-mindedness. I’ve never experienced anything like it until I walked through the Student Center’s doors. During every discussion I feel free and safe to express my own views and try to understand another’s—an experience all too rare in the controversial sphere of religion.
       My biggest hope for the Student Center’s future is that UT students searching for a Christian community on campus continue stumbling upon the Episcopal Student Center the same way I did my freshman year. When I walked through the chapel doors for that first Sunday evening service, I had no idea that I was walking into the community that would shape my life as a student, a Longhorn, and a Christian.

Lindsey Limbaugh
Plan II Honors | Class of 2016